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 Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date,Rumors and Expectation

Samsung recently confirmed the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 and  it is expected to launched by Mid March. On the contrary there have been rumors that Samsung may launch the next galaxy Series phone that is the Samsung galaxy S6 by the end of December 2014 or by starting of January 2015.


There has been a lot of rumors for Samsung Galaxy S6 rather than that of Samsung Galaxy S5. Some sites claimed that Samsung Galaxy S5 was expected to be skipped and instead Samsung Galaxy S6 was to be launched. Another rumor is that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched by December 2014. The most important rumor that people have missed is whether there will be any Samsung Galaxy S6 or not?. Some sites claim that Samsung Galaxy S5 is the last phone in the series and Samsung would abandon the “S” series and may start the “F” series.

Last but not the least the specification provided by some site are rather can’t be digested as they are far out of the context.

Samsung Galaxy S6 waterproof

Samsung Galaxy F series prototype

We sincerely believe that if Samsung Galaxy S6 is even made it won’t be launched in this year and will probably be launched in  March 2015, looking at its launch dates of the previous Galaxy model.

Release Date

If we go by rumors Samsung would launch its S6 version by December 2014, if everything goes wrong with Samsung S5. This might frustrate Samsung fans as why would Samsung do that , if its making a Smartphone that has been  most successful ,why every thing do down and even if the sales were to go down , a one year period is quite adequate to make sure that next series phone that they launch should be great.So expected released /launch date is March –April 2015.


 Expectations are even higher with Samsung Galaxy S6 , with features like retina scanner and blink to click which is rumored ,it is expected to be bigger and better.


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