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Samsung Galaxy S6 To Be announced

As per recent rumors and speculation it seems that the announcement of the all new Samsung Galaxy S6 is not far behind. Recently Samsung has recently confirmed the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5,by April 2014 . Since the launching date is same as that of Galaxy S models , it appears that the S6 will also be launched during that time in Macrch -April 2015.

Some sites claim that S6 might launch by December this year, but this will not happen for sure .Samsung will never ever launch two phones of the same series in the Same year. It may be possible they launch it ,if S5 fails.But considering the fact that it is Samsung and they are launching the next Galaxy S5 ,it won’t fail for sure.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

There are even possibilities that Samsung Galaxy S5 may the last in the galaxy Series but the rumors and speculations say something else. Other things that make us say that Samsung Galaxy S6 would be there because the Galaxy series has a great fan following and Samsung even became popular for this series only,so it would be quite inadequate for Samsung to shut down the galaxy series after the launch of S5.

As per speculations and rumors it is clear that Samsung  Galaxy S6 will be bigger and better than  Samsung Galaxy S5,and would be tough to beat. It is also expected that Samsung Galaxy would take over the market on 2015 and would mark a comeback of Samsung in making the number one Smartphone in the year 2015. The features that it is expected to have are retina scanner , wireless charging better than what is present in the Nokia Lumia series , a 20MP primary camera, and 2k resolution full HD capacitive  screen . It is also expected to have Exynos 7 processor and 4-5 GB RAM and is expected to have Android 5.0 milkshake. There is also a possibility that this phone will be the first dual boot phone with windows and Android coming together.


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