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After the grand success of Galaxy S3 and S4, Samsung is all set to release another Smartphone of its premium ‘S’ series – The Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 is expected to be released next month in April 2014 and if the rumors are to be believed, the Smartphone is only going to better the sales stats attained by its previous models.

Lets have a closer look at the Galaxy S5:


Design – Samsung has been never known for its killer looks and Samsung Galaxy S5 is no exception either. Though it will come in four colours, Golden being the most innovative one from the lot; ( Black, Blue and White being the other three ) the overall design of Galaxy S5 looks to be inspired partly from Nexus 7 and partly from Note 3. The screen is 5.1”, which is slightly bigger than its preceder Galaxy S4. They are definitely not like HTC Smartphones, which offers a premium look with its every new version, but then, as we have seen in the past, the S series is doing quite well with its standard looks and honestly, there is no reason for the Samsung guys to experiment too much on something, which has already been tried and tested successfully for more than once!

 Configuration – With a 2.5 GHz Dual Core processor and 2 GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely perform smoother than S4. It also facilitates completely upgradeable memory as well as completely swappable battery. The Smartphone is IP 67 certified and therefore, you need not have to worry about it getting ruined with either dust or water. However, if it is going to remain water proof, if accidentally (or even intentionally!) fallen in a pool, is yet to be seen.

 What’s New ? There is a feature on which one can vouch that Samsung will never ever disappoint its loyal users and that is – ‘the camera’! Galaxy S4 had a great camera; Note 3 had an ever better camera and S5 is another step ahead in this league! The image quality not only improves with the 16 MP camera but you will also get a super duper fast speed capturing! Samsung Galaxy S5 is capable of taking a 30 pics in just over 3 seconds! Needless to say, this speed is truly amazing and unbeatable and it will definitely enrich your photography experience!


Apart from the great camera, Samsung Galaxy S5 also has fingerprint identification function, which can be used to lock the phone and also to lock/unlock some other security applications like paypal. It also has a heart rate calculate, which, as the name suggests, can be used to measure your heart beat rate.

 Verdict : Samsung Galaxy S5 has got mixed previews till now. Some critics have labeled it as just an extension of S4, while others are convinced that like the older models, S5 too will carry on the legacy of S series on its shoulders successfully. Now the final decision is left to the ultimate decider of the game – the consumers. The faith of Samsung Galaxy S5 will be decided as and when it starts getting first hand reviews from the users themselves! Till then, we have to keep our fingers crossed!

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