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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date,Rumors and Expectation

Well we all know that Samsung Galaxy S5 would launch this year and its expect to get launched by mid March.Recently rumors floated in that Samsung S5 would get launched in MWC (mobile world congress)  held in Barcelona i.e on the 23rd February .It is expected that in MWC Samsung would be unveiling is HOME made OS named tizen but still nothing has been confirmed.

Release Date

The release date for Samsung Galaxy S5 remain the same as that of S4 i.e April starting week. It is expected to be launched by mid March. Samsung would make sure that this time there product does perform well in the market as compared to previous Samsung Galaxy S4. Even though S4 had awesome features but it lacked  something that did not make it the best smartphone in the market.


 We have seen many rumors in the past one year including the rumor of abandoning Samsung Galaxy S5 and releasing Samsung Galaxy S6 instead . What made rumors so interesting was the specification that was provided along with . The toughest fight was always over the RAM and the camera of Samsung S5. Some said it would have 5GB RAM whereas some said it would have 3-4GB . For camera the rumors have been very interesting it ranged from 14-41 MP . Even though logically thinking it would have more that 13MP which the successor has to near about 18-20MP.



Another rumor that interested people was the Android version that it may contain , this varied from Android kitkat to rumored Android Milkshake. But now its certain that it will have Android KitKat.


There are huge expectations with the all new Samsung Galaxy S5 . Since it will be the new flagship in the galaxy series expectations have raised proportionally.

It is expected to have better performance and is supposed to top all the benchmark tests.Unlike Samsung S4 , a better strategy would have been made to promote Samsung Galaxy S5. It is also expected to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear too.


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