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Samsung Galaxy S5 announced 

Well now its confirmed that Samsung Galaxy  S5 will launch soon . The VP of Samsung has confirmed that next galaxy Smartphone to be launched in March 2014 and released by April 2014 . This is the same strategy that was followed by Samsung last year before the launch of the Galaxy S4  . Last year Samsung Galaxy S4 may have broken the initial sales records but couldn’t do well in market as compared to the HTC One.



This time Samsung  is coming up with its successor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a different look and strategy . It is expected that this time Galaxy S5 will be bigger and better. This may be the last phone in the series,as Samsung is expected to launch the F series soon. May sites even  write about the successor of the S5 namely Samsung Galaxy S6, which they expect it to launch by December this year.

Whatever Samsung may be planning depends on the success of the Galaxy S5 they launch this year. Irrespective of the awesome features Samsung Galaxy S4 stood second in the market in the year 2013. You all might be aware of  Samsung S4 features , but this time it is expected that features are going to be more awesome. It is expected that retina scanner may be added to the phone I n order to have a better security feature. Since we have also used the fingerprint sensor in the Apple iPhone 5S ,it’s just one of the amazing feature that Apple has ever provided.

The retina scanner of Samsung Galaxy S5 may provide a tough competition to the finger print scanner  present in the Apple iPhone 5S.  This time Samsung would make sure that their product remains the best and even the sales be better as compared to last time. So since its official lets wait till March 2013 then.

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