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Wearable Gadgets are slowly but surely coming in vogue. They not only look cool, but it’s also easy to carry and of course, can be used like a Smartphone (well, almost!). It is for these reasons, that people have started noticing them and therefore, we have seen biggies like Samsung, Sony and many others introducing some cool Wearable Gadgets in a short span of time, which has resulted in a sudden boom in this industry. One of the most talked about product in this league is the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Let’s have a closer look at it.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch


The wearable gadget looks cool and trendy at the first look. Its light weight and gives you feel of a premium watch. It has got a 1.63” screen, with a 320×320 resolution, a 800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM, a 4 GB internal storage memory and a 315 mAh battery. This may not look like a great configuration, when compared to the latest smartphones that we have in the market, but provided that these features comes in the size of a wearable watch makes them impressive. Also, one should Bremen that wearable devices like Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch are more of a complimentary device, which will are there to enhance your overall Smartphone experience rather than replace them. They might even do that in future, but that is unlikely to happen in near future!

Apart from above specs, it also has a camera and a speaker   microphone, both located suitably at its wrist band. The camera is not a high MP one, but is good to capture picture of decent quality. Same goes with the microphone. The battery takes around 90 minutes to get fully charged but only the smart watch provides just over 25 hours of backup, which is quite disappointing for such a small and light weight device. The smart watch has a flexible band and can be conveniently worn by wrist of all sizes.

It  can be easily connected with Note 3 or any other premium Samsung smartphone and it can be smoothly operated with help of Gear Manager. You can do all the settings and downloads very easily by suing the gear manager. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch operates on touch screen and its features are identical with a standard smartphone. You can send emails and text messages, make voice calls, capture images and make videos using it. Its performance is quite impressive provided the specs it comes with. Apart from the regular features, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch also has some cool features like ‘find my device’ which works the same way as a car alarm.

 The gadget is priced at $ 299, which looks a little expensive, if you compare it with a premium smartphone, but then, wearable gadgets are still new   and it will take some time before we see competitive rates for them. With other biggies ready to introduce their smart watch in the market, we can expect to see smarter and affordable wearable gadgets in near future.

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