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You still haven’t heard about all the great group of low-power devices that are a part of the so called Internet of Things? Then you should probably check out this smart Bluetooth outlet and see what’s all the fuss about this category of products.

The Internet of Things allows you to control various devices using only your smartphone. This could mean that you can control your alarm clock, door bells, oven, smart TVs and many other devices.


One of the biggest advantages of the IOT is that saves huge amounts of energy and time, which makes it one of the most sought systems in the world of technology and it’s no wonder why companies are investing heavily in deploying and creating systems or elements that are somehow connected with this niche.

That’s why Google, the company that “owns” half of the Internet entities, is creating an operating system that will take care of all of your Internet of Things needs. The idea is that you can control all of your smart devices through this operating system that will be a part of every Android smartphone in the future.

Just to make things clear, you also need connectivity with those smart devices in one way or another, so if you have a TV set from the 90’s, controlling it through your Internet of Things operating system on your mobile phone couldn’t be possible.

The project name for the OS is Brillo and it should be officially promoted next week at the company’s IT conference. The great thing about Brillo is that will use anywhere between 32 and 64 megabytes of your virtual memory, but will feature a huge list of IoT communication schemes.

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