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LG has announced earlier this week its flexible 18 inch screen, which can be packed in the small tube that is just 3 cm in diameter.
LG has presented on 9th of July its new screen which is so flexible that it can be folded into a tube, and it comes with 1200 x 810 resolution.

That is just another successful move on the way, which should lead to smaller, portable devices with bigger displays which could be folded accordingly and even change your home TV.

The LG representatives are claiming that the first flexible TVs with 60 inch displays and Ultra HD image quality will be available for purchase in 2017. Those kind of TVs could be folded into small tubes, which are more portable and are simple for moving to storage when not used.
The secret of this flexible screen is in high molecule layer of material which has been based on poly-amid. The back of the screen has been made with this material.

Similar flexible screens, Sony has presented in 2006. while two years later, the German institute Max Plank has shown even more perfected version of the screen which could be used on TVs and laptops.

Samsung is also working on this idea, and it has presented a flexible smartphone last year during Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

LG and Samsung have both announced earlier smartphones with curved displays, that should represent temporary phase before reaching completely flexible smartphone models.

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