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Sony 13.3” e-Reader is just another example of how fast technology is changing. If this gadget becomes popular, then the day is not far behind when -paper will replace the regular ones in near future.  Though named as an e-reader, its feature go much beyond that that. Let’s have a closer look at this upcoming gadget.

Sony 13.3” e-Reader

Sony 13.3” e-Reader

Sony 13.3” e-Reader will be the biggest e-Reader in terms of its screen size. The largest screen that we have seen till date is less than 10” and this e-Reader easily surpasses that size. The bigger screen sets stage for a promising reading environment   and its crystal clear resolution further enhances it.  Though big in size, its super light at just over 60 grams. And the gadget is very flexible. You can almost fold it like a paper and it won’t break. Even if it falls from your hand, it floats gently on ground, again, almost like a paper and thus be assured that it has got a very safe handling.

The user interface would be a new experience for you. Although, it make take some time to get accustomed to the functions, but it won’t take long before you could just enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted interface. Unlike lots of other gadgets, Sony 13.3” e-Reader is very responsive with hardly any time lag between two operations. The stylish touch screen pen works like a charm and gives you a nostalgic feel of the good days of pen and paper!

You can read all pdf format files on it and can also edit them with great ease. Apart from it, you can use it just like a pen and paper and write, edit and save anything you want.  The pen, which comes with it is almost like the one you use in day to day like and it can also be used in the same way. The only difference in here is that this time it’s techie and at the same time eco friendly. Now technology meeting eco friendliness is a rare collaboration in science and gadgets like Sony 13.3” e-Reader seems to successfully satisfy both ends!

The USP of Sony 13.3” e-Reader lies in its big screen size and super clear resolution. Its flexibility and easy handling also works in its favor. These types of eco friendly gadgets are most likely to be popular in the coming days and can even get government subsidy on these criteria.  The only drawback which could prevent it to sell like hot cakes could be its high price. The speculation is that it will cost an astonishing $ 1000 and this could take it to the back foot. However, it’s still kind of new gadget in its genre   and certainly the biggest one till date and therefore, it could still do well, despite the price tag.

The e-Reader is expected to be in the market in US next in May 2014. How well the buyers will respond to the new Sony 13.3” e-Reader will be determined soon!

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