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While ago the Internet was amazed with the innovative Darth Vader orientated pancake 3D printer, that perfectly laid out the face of the Star Wars villain. The only problem with this sophisticated pancake maker was that it only printed out a single design, and was not appealing to the wide audiences.

Now you have the option to print any pancake design you want using the new and improved Darth Vader pancake maker called simply the PancakeBot. The goal of this mini 3D printer is to make any pancake you want.

You’ll first need to lay down the design you have in mind, and fill the chamber with some nice pancake dough, but the results will be astonishing.

This is a great product for home parties, but it’s also interesting for the average business user. Imagine a company gathering where the breakfast pancakes served to your clients are in the shape of your corporate logo. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The great part about the PancakeBot is that you need pretty much zero designing skills to create a crazy cool pancake. You’re creating flat pancakes, so you’ll be actually needing some 2D designs, which is pretty much everything you can find on the web.

From now on nothing is holding you back to create a new pancake for each day of the week.

Surprise your kids with funny cartoon pancakes on boring Monday mornings. That will surely make their week much better. Or try and bring your colleagues some pancakes designed with the face of your boss. That sounds interesting as well, just make sure you don’t get fired afterwards.

The PancakeBot has its own baking platform, so it’s much easier to use than other similar products. You can have it for as low as $299 right now.


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