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Panasonic is the name which believes in tough explorations and comes out with never imagined unique inventions. HX-A500 is one of the most distinctive and special camera which you can wear on your body. Many unbelievable wearable gadgets and gears arrived before like iPods, mobile watches and USB functional music devices but who had imagined of a camera.

HX-A500 comes with a body and a head which remain connected with each other with the help of a wire. The body performs as the CPU and the display screen. On the contrary the head acts as the camera to capture the live action around. You can easily adjust the head over your ear as a Bluetooth device and wear the body part on one of the arm.


Now you can catch the image details with this waterproof device at the high resolution of 4K video at 25 frames per second .HX-A500 is simply a handy camcorder if you love water sports, paragliding, beach surfing and different adventurous games on a hilly track. The smart camera can cover videography below the water up to 3 meters and for 30 minutes. It acts strong and doesn’t get affected by the raising dust particles while taking pictures of an extreme sport.

The device is very light and compact with a 31grams of head and a 119grams of body with 1.5 inch, 1.5, 200 dot colour LCD screen .The important features with HX-A500 include the slow motion activation at 200 frames per second which can be redefined as 50 fps in full HD and 100 fps in 720p.If you are taking videos in fast motion and require to jump and run then you have the option known as rad Image Stabilisation by using which you can reduce the blur to a great extent.

The camera comes with gnarly Levelling correction to proactively work on the mentioned and tittles videos. This magnificently developed astonishing device can be easily connected to other smart gadgets and mobile phones with the use of Near Field Communication and Wi-Fi. The stupendously taken videos can be broadcast live through Ustream and this proves to be one of the best motivations to smart device users to look for this camcorder.

Stylish wearing, amazing videos and prolific features with high end connectivity what else you are looking for? Oh the price, yes sure, you must be scratching your head and trying to guess the best market price of this unique device. Here we reveal, Panasonic HX-A500 is ready to make its first move in the world of digital gadgets market in the month of May with the price tag of $626.

Shocked! Yes, you are absolutely taken aback by such a staggering amount in which you can buy 2 smart devices. HX-A500 is a special product and it has been developed keeping the target buyers, the adventurous sports lover in the consideration. You might find it little difficult to throw away some big bucks out of your pocket but once you by it you know the worth of its grand uniqueness.

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