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It has been more then six years since the latest Technics product has been launched, however Panasonic has announced the return of legendary audio brand.

Michiko Ogawa, director of Tehnics project and famous pianist has announced two new Tehnics Hi-Fi audio systems.

The first is Class R1 series made from three components – a Stereo Power amp SE-R1, network audio player SU-R1 and speaker system SB-R1.

Alternative version of Class R1 is called Reference and it is intended for more serious premium users with goal to secure the best possible musical experience. – according to Panasonic.

The second product is Premium Class C700 series which comes with four components – stereo integrated amp SU-C700, network audio player ST-C700, CD player SL-C700 and speaker system SB-C700.

Both product series have been designed around three main technical elements that portray the change and shift towards digital music distribution.

Both of these system should be launched in Europe by the end of the year, and technical date and prices are still unavailable.

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