Apps that made the most out of the new iOS 9 features


Two weeks after Apple has officially released their latest operating system for mobile devices and there are tons of new apps already hitting the market. Some of these apps can be considered as a great success mainly because they found a smart and innovative way...

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Spotify Taste Rewind New Feature That You Must See


Spotify is one of the most popular mobile apps and it’s always trying to satisfy all of their users as well as their big group of podcasters and publishing agencies. That’s why it hasn’t been a surprise that their latest feature called Taste Rewind was...

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Starbreeze Enters The VR Market With Their StarVR Headset


The virtual reality market is slowly establishing itself as one of the more important aspects of technology development that will explode in the near future. HTC already released their virtual reality headset called ReVive and Oculus is one of the most futuristic VR headsets ever...

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BMW Provides Powerful Engine To Its Futuristic Hybrid


BMW is decisive on taking the plug-in hybrids market in the near future and their i8 model seems to prove that. The model was officially presented at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Some of the specifications include a 1,5 liter turbocharged motor, engine with three...

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Chronos Will Make Any Watch Smart


Smart watches have become a type of a thing on the “gadgets” market over the past year or so, but there are still that like to feel that ticking of the mechanical watch on their hand. If you’re a part of this group yet you...

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Are Drones Amazon Forest Saviors?


It seems like humanity can’t stop hurting itself by constantly destroying our natural resources. No matter what type of initiative the organizations focused on preserving our Earth undertake or what types of laws governments vote, there will still be actions that cripple our nature. Drones...

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US and UK Users Can Make Skype Calls From Their Browser


Skype has become one of the most popular communication applications mainly because it came before Viber, Wassup and other similar apps. With the sudden switch in the industry it has become increasingly important to go a step further and differentiate from your competition. Skype has...

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Origami Robot That Builds Itself


We’re used to seeing huge and bulky robots performing various tasks from carrying bags to exploring the universe, but you will like everything about this unusual piece of modern robotics that’s able to build itself and perform like any other specimen of its kind. The robot...

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