Cool your place with the tiny Evapolar


Imagine if you could cool down the temperature in your room during those hot summer days without turning on the AC. Evapolar is a tiny device that should be able to perform this task, but it’s still unclear how powerful it is, but it’s very...

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Acoustic by iRig review

Acoustic by irig review, the picture will open in a new tab

In this iRig review for their latest product named Acoustic, we’ll try to show all of you guitar lovers there’s a simple way to record everything you play on your iPad or Android smartphone. It’s funny to see how the market for instrument smartphone accessories...

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You can melt iron on the Velocity Grill


How many barbecue days have gone bad because the host doesn’t have the necessary equipment to flip some burgers or God forbid place to put some sirloin stakes on it. It gets even worse if you’re playing the role of a host, but don’t worry...

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Charge your iPhone from your wallet


Apple has set a standard when we talk about portable cell phone charging, but it seems like small companies recognize the opportunity and the need of the market. One of the latest examples of a portable power bank is the Nomad Wallet created for iPhone...

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See how can a computer recognizes quality selfies


You’re one of those people addicted to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so it’s natural that you’re a selfie enthusiast. You may also run a donation campaign and this is one of the ways to engage with your audience. There are literally little...

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