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We’re used to seeing huge and bulky robots performing various tasks from carrying bags to exploring the universe, but you will like everything about this unusual piece of modern robotics that’s able to build itself and perform like any other specimen of its kind.

The robot is literally light as a feather and the researching team at MIT received positive critique after their presentation last week. After folding itself out of small piece of light material the robot will walk around carrying loads two times his own weight, which is not the best feature it can offer.

This tiny robot is created out of material that allows him to dissolve when placed into a bowl of acetone. Depending from the programming, the robot can dissolve itself on its own without the need of humane assistance.

Electromagnets are the main component that controls the robot, which allows rapid building phase followed by movement triggered by signals that can be followed on a flat surface or inside of an object.

Although it’s not completely automatic and its still kinda slow, this robot can be a start of a breakthrough that will change the way we fix complex systems similar to the human body or engines with internal combustion.

The interesting part about the magnets that are a part of the robot is that they don’t actually move the robot, instead they just vibrate it towards one direction while one major magnet keeps it moving in a straight line. This means that the robot can move on almost any surface and even swim in deep waters.



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