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In just four days from now, Google will open its invite-only Google Glass Explorer Program to the everyone residing in the United States for a very short period of time, 24 hours to be more precise.

All out open enrollment for Project Glass will be staring on April 15th and it will last only 24 hours, as announced on official G+ announcement on the social network powered by the world’s biggest search engine.

Google has been set to open a lot of spots for adults residing in the US, and the open enrollment starts at 6 am Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday April the 15th.

Until now the only way to obtain a Google Glass device has been via official waiting list or by having a Glass-owning friends’ invite code.

This is a very fast announcement and it doesn’t leave the tech users a lot of time to savor up some cash in order to fund this baby. Google Glass price will be unchanged and it will cost $1500 (AU$1,592 and £893) plus taxes. This move by Google obviously isn’t planned as a sales move, but more of a beta recruiting. It seems like Google has set on to acquire more beta testers for its device, rather than to think about profit. It will probably be enough time for that later.

But if you think this in sales wise view, new beta testers will get one extra that older users had to purchase separately.

According to the documents that have leaked, Google Glass will come with free sunglasses shade or glasses with prescription and it will feature a wider Google Glass rollout.

All this seems like a positive thing, and it allows us to confirm our earlier suspicions that the consumer product of Google Glass can be expected later this year, and maybe we could then expect a better sales policy from Google.

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