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Nokia X is the first android phone that company from Finland has announced, and the users reactions haven’t been left out. It has been rumored that Nokia has allegedly received 1 million pre orders for this smartphone in China alone, in just four days.

Nokia has recently published a poll, which main purpose is finding out what is one of the favorite functions of Nokia X potential users. The most voted options were Android apps with 20.1% and then Nokia apps like HERE Maprs and Mix radio with 15.69% of votes.

The third place has been reserved for specific design of Nokia phones, and then we have affordable price with 9.34% of votes, and finally Microsoft apps and Dual SIM option at the bottom.

Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL

On Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia has announced a set of new devices that should fortify the offer of somewhat cheaper devices. Parting CEO Stephen Elop has presented the first model of Nokia X, X+ and XL which feature an Android mobile system, but also some other models which prices start from 29 euros.

“More and more people are buying devices that cost around 100 euros”, Elop said, announcing the Nokia X and Nokia X+ models.

These devices will have 4 inch display and a design that reminds us of recent Nokia top seller Lumia 520 which featured windows phone.

Models X and X+ have an Android (Open Source Project) 4.1.2. Nokia has announced that instead of Google cloud services the default ones will be ones from Microsoft. When it comes to software and GUI design, they have also been taken and they look alike one featured on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. GUI is set like this, so users can forge an image towards the Nokia brand. These models are set to be somewhere between Nokia Asha and Lumia models.

Instead of downloading apps from Google Play store, Nokia has developed Nokia Store. These models will also support Russian service Yandex, but you will need to allow it to install Android apps to your phone.

The price of Nokia X will be 89 euros, while Nokia X+ will start from 99 euros.

When it comes to hardware, like we mentioned earlier the phones will feature 4 inch IPS LCD screens. The processor will be a dual-core Snapdragon S4 with working frequency of 1 GHz, and the differences between models X and X+ are in terms of RAM. Nokia X will have 512mb of ram, while Nokia X+ will have 768 and additional microSD card with 4GB included in a package.

Finally the last model that was presented with a code-name X, is Nokia XL. It is a smartphone which weighs 190 grams, has 5 inch display with resolution WVGA (800×480). The price of Nokia XL will be 109 euros and it is expected in stores in the next month or two.

We really don’t know where all this leads, but Nokia wanted to offer more cheaper alternatives to the global market.

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