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Nokia has presented its first flexible screens which could be flexed one or three times and which can hold up to 100 000 flexes, according to the press release issued by the team which created them.
Nokia has presented a prototype of 5.9 inch OLED screen which comes in two versions. This prototype has been made in collaboration with Semiconductor Energy laboratory and company called Advanced Film Device.

One of the displays has incredible capability to flex up to radius of 2 mm, which is impressive in comparison to similar solutions presented by Samsung and LG, whose screens can be flexed with certain limitations.

The demonstration of both displays and its flexibility has been presented simultaneously while the video has been played in the background.

These flexible displays have been made by correct positioning of color filters and TFT and OLED layers positioned between two sealed layers and one flexible substratum. When display isn’t in flexed position it features 5.9 inches which deliver 1280 x 720 resolution.

One of these displays can be flexed or closed like a book while the other can be flexed three times with radius up to amazing 4 mm.

It is expected that Nokia will use this technology in its future smartphones.

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