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Nexus 6 Release Date,Rumors and Expectation

After the successful launch of Nexus 5, it is believed that Google may move on to their next project of Nexus series. Nexus 6 is expected to be successor of Nexus 5 and may have high expectations as Nexus5 did very well in 2013.



Release Date

As per trend , Nexus 4 was launched in October and the latest  Nexus 5 was launched in first week of  October 2013 and released 2 weeks later , it is expected that Google Nexus 6  may be launched by October  2014  and released in the subsequent coming weeks.

Even though there is no certain news that Google Nexus 6  will be launched or not ,but it still remains a mystery . Google has had a successful career till now in the smartphone that they have made. We hope this one doesn’t disappoint people .


Nexus 6 to be a smartphone is itself a rumor, it may end up being a tablet also  and its still not confirmed that whether Nexus 6 will be there or not. Another rumor is that Nexus 6 will have Android 5.0 milkshake  and is expected to provide one of the best possible android experience . It is also expected to have retina scanner as some say it and may probably have a metallic body.




After the successful release of smartphones line Nexus 4 and Nexus 6 ,expectations have increased far more . It is all together possible that Nexus 6 may have 2 models one of smartphone and other as tablet which is also rumored.  The fact is you make people believe and people start trusting you ,that’s what Nexus has done ,it has shown the world the fun and pleasure of pure android and Google’s faith. This time also Nexus 6 is expected to be manufactured by LG as the previous ones were  if it’s a smartphone but if it’s a tablet it may be manufactured under the nose of Asus.



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