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Nexus 6 Price Update

Google has done a brilliant job by launching its Nexus series and has gained an instant fan following . With Nexus tablet and Smartphones it is giving a tough competition to the Smartphone giants like Samsung ,LG, Sony, Gionee, HTC etc. Even though the Nexus Smartphones are manufactured by LG ,Google still holds the base. Last year Google had launched its successor of the Nexus 4 named Nexus 5 . It is even believed that Google this year will be launching its Successor of the Nexus 5 named Nexus 6. Since there is no official  news about where there will Nexus 6 or not , and even if there will be another smartphone will it be name Nexus 6 or not. We know that Nexus 7 is a tablet so still there is a lot of confusion. Though some site claim to have leaked information that next smartphone from Google will be Nexus 6 still its rumored according to us.



We know that the pricing of the  previous Nexus phones  has been done perfectly and we hope the pricing of Nexus 6 would also done perfectly. So in anticipation we expect that Nexus 6 would be coming in two variants like 16/32 GB and they would be around $400 for 16 GB variant and  around $450 for 32GB variant. It is also expected that Nexus 6 would come in different colours just as the iPhone 5C and would have a bigger screen than the Nexus 5. It is also expected that Nexus 6 would have an additional memory card slot which has been missing in the  previous Nexus series. With these features and a pure Android experience the user may have a very nice experience in using it.

Price of Nexus 6 in India would be around  Rs. 30,000 + even . Well this is all estimated price nothing is official yet but still price wont be more than 35 k.

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