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Nexus 10.2 

Many people were eagerly waiting for the Nexus 10.2. Now this upgrade of nexus 10 or we can say that this new 2nd generation of Nexus 10 has reached its wrap-up stage.

Now lets briefly describe the new Nexus 10.2 tablet

1. Feature and design-  It will have a 10.1 inches screen-display, which has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 resolution. This will provide a good and clear resolution to the users that why Google have chosen such a big screen size and such good combination of resolution

2. Tech specification & App store

a. Operating System-   The Google Nexus 10.2 will run on the Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating system this will make the new Tablet more faster & secure.

b.  Apps library expansion- The nexus 10.2 can have or can count more than 200,000 apps that are being uploaded on the Google app store by the developers. This means that the Nexus 10.2 tablet buyers don’t have to worry about finding of proper apps for their new device.

c. Specifications- Google have used quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU in Nexus 10.2 tablet, It contains 2 GB Ram and a Adreno 330 GPU.


Google Nexus 10.2

Google Nexus 10.2


d. Battery backup- It will come with a medium-level battery backup

e. Price- The Nexus 10.2 tablet with 32 GB model with  Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity and it will be priced between  $500 and $550.

f. Ebooks- This device can be used to read eBooks , this means that the buyers can easily read eBooks when ever they want, at any time, any place.

Nexus 10.2 Tablet by Google and iPad Air by Apple are yet to be launched,as there is only official announcement about the launch of both these devices.

Both these devices will give good and strong competition to each other as both are equally good in specifications, features. We have to wait and watch for the future to judge which of the  following device will be more liked by customers.

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