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Well folks; we have a new leaked photo and some info regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom model.

The first model Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was a Samsung’s tryout to combine a very dedicated camera and phone, and build a single device that would be able to replace two important devices without losing much power of both devices.

The first model wasn’t that successful but the leaked photo of an Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom lets us think that Samsung has made a significant improvement on this newest model.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Leaked Photo

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Leaked Photo

Photo that has leaked from Gotta Be Mobile, is allowing us to spot a new smartphone with significantly smaller camera housing then the previous model Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Does this means that it will finally be possible to have the S5 Zoom around you without having a separate holster for it?

Having a smartphone with a higher quality camera is an awesome thing, but it has to be really portable and movable in order for it to be useful.

We cannot determine from this photo but we are hoping that Samsung was a bit logical at its approach and that they will deliver us a Zoom S5 smaller in size.

Information that came from the source of the leakage also report us that Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom will feature a high quality 20 megapixel camera with at least 10x optical zoom, which is advancement from previous model Galaxy S4 Zoom which has had 16 megapixel. Not a bad buildup of about 4 MP.

Other previous rumors have said that the new S5 Zoom will come with a 4.8 inch screen and some form of HD resolution, an NFC chip and it will be running Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

On the other hand, Zoom’s counterpart Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will be sold by at least two US mobile carriers.

Why is Samsung making a new Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom?

Samsung has tried to bring us an experience of having a high performance camera and a smartphone all-in-one with its previous model Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, but unfortunately they had only tried. The S4 Zoom was bulgy and big, and it couldn’t be carried as a regular smartphone, it was too space demanding and it wasn’t lite either.

Samsung has then later on realized that the whole point of having an all in one device is that the use and carrying of a camera phone should be comfortable and convenient. We hope they will succeed and deliver that, but there is another problem to relate to.

When do you need a high quality camera? Well usually when you are going at something already planned upfront and specially. So if you are going on a trip, or a wedding or any other gala event, you will pack your high end DSLR camera if you are looking to have some HQ photos, why in a world would you carry a pocket phone camera with limited options?

I mean we get that sometimes events happen unplanned, but don’t you have your iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 with also great cameras in your pocket for that?

Basically what we are trying to say is that those with deeper pockets will have themselves a nice DSLR or something even better when it comes to photo equipment plus a high end smartphone for unplanned situations. Isn’t having a little bricked device with limited capabilities too much of a compromise?

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