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Huawei is a manufacturer from China known for producing affordable smartphones, tablets and other IT equipment.

In most cases, their products feature decent hardware specifications at affordable prices, but because of a photo that has leaked to the web recently it looks like Huawei is making a possible premium product.

In this image featured below it looks like Huawei is in process of making a smartphone made fully of metal, something similar like Apple has done with their iPhone, and what has been done recently by HTC and their HTC One M8.

Huawei Rumored Flagship Concept

At the moment the name of this possible flagship device is unknown, but it really seems like the Huawei is shifting towards publishing a first premium flagship device, and rumors are also spreading from a source that claims it got its info from a Huawei software engineer,  that it won’t be that cheap and affordable as previous models Huawei has produced.

It has been said that we should probably start saving our money because it is going to be a product which is really worthwhile. When it comes to hardware specifications, the new Huawei will probably feature an octa-core Kirin 920 processor with an integrated ARM Mali-T628 GPU. When it comes to memory it will feature an unknown amount, but probably 2 GB of DDR3 800 MHz RAM. Networking will feature LTE capabilities, and the screen will support high resolution up to 2560 x 1600 pixels, and the cameras will feature 32 megapixel sensors. Of course all of these features and specs are just rumored, so we cannot be sure whether or not the smartphone will have this kind of hardware.
But, based on the material we have got from this photo, this smartphone looks a bit wide on the side, which differences from HTC’s design which looks sleeker, so it seems to us that the Huawei’s flagship will probably feature a somewhat bigger display screen.

Just like we said, don’t forget that Huawei hasn’t confirmed their new smartphone yet, so we only have rumored and leaked information to grasp on to, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot be excited to see what kind of premium smartphone is expecting us soon.

Also it will be exciting to see what Huawei can deliver, as we are accustomed to them as a lower end and affordable phone maker, and nothing so premium has reached us from their direction. Can the new Huawei’s flagship smartphone or perhaps a phablet, be a next great thing this year in the smartphone market? Well, it is possible, but the only thing we can do now is wait and talk about a leaked photo, and see what Huawei has prepared for us.

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