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Annual Apple developer conference WWDC has started yesterday in San Francisco. New versions of OS X and iOS 8 have been unveiled.

Tim Cook has opened the conference, and he said hello to more then 1000 developers who have come to opening. According to Tim Cook Apple has more then 9 million registered developers who are working on OS X and iOS 8 app development.

The number of Mac devices sold have reached 80 million. The sales of Mac personal computer has risen for 12 percent.

The talks about iOS 8 has been started by Tim Cook who has said that more then 200 million iPad’s has been sold and the total number of iPhone’s sold has passed the half billion mark.

Over 130 million users have bought their first iPhone last year, mostly because of the arrival to the Chinese market that happened last year. Almost 90 percent of iPhone users is running the latest iOS 7 version of the operating system.

New iOS 8 design is based on the previous version. Notification center has been upgraded so now they are interactive and it is possible to reply to them directly. iPad now has ability of having multiple tabs just like on personal Mac computers.

The communication  between Apps is now much better which means if you for example get an invitation for an event over email the calendar will automatically offer you to input that as a date.

Spotlight option has been also included in the iOS 8, and there is an updated keyboard which is now called Quicktype which is basiclly Swype version for iPhone and iPad. In addition to that Apple has allowed users to install third party keyboard in case the default one isn’t the right choice for them.

Family Sharing option allows for members of one family to share photos, calendar and even music and books from iTunes, all in one place. In case a child wants to buy some app, the parent will receive a notification about it on its phone and he or she will able to approve or reject the transaction.

If users decide to use iCloud service they receive 5 GB of space for free, and if they want a bigger space of 20 GB they will have to pay $1 subscription monthly  and if somebody wants even bigger iCloud storage they can subscribe for 200 GB for $4 a month.

As expected virtual assistant Siri  has received an update and integration with Shazam, which means that Siri can now recognize songs. There is now a possibility of dictating in 22 world languages and Siri can now buy apps for you.

App Store currently has 1.2 million apps, 300 million visitors every week and over 75 billion of downloads. App store interface has been changed as well, and users will now be able to preview the app before installation. New iOS has also brought widgets for easier and improved use of iPhone and iPad. Fingerprint scanner will now be also available for use by third party apps.

The new Metal option has also been unveiled which allows developers to significantly upgrade graphic capabilities and look of their apps and maximize the use of iPhone or iPad resources.

The new programming language has also been presented which should make things easier for developers.

iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad is available for developers immediately, while the public will receive an update in the fall.

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