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Smart technology can sometimes change the way you live your everyday life, but it can also be so unnecessary it’s amazing to see there’s a market for it. One of those examples is the Haize compass created by the company wearing the same name. Why we decided to share this GTA looking gadget that has a limited range of use? Well, mainly because it looks cool and can come really handy sometimes, especially if you’re going camping or exploring a new city with your bike.

The size of the device is close to the size of a milk glass bottle cap, but you really don’t need nothing bigger. The perfect case scenario where you could place the Haze compass is on the handles of your bicycle. It fits perfectly and looks more like a bell rather than a smart technology device. The LED screen will show you two different lights. The first one, the one placed in the center, shows your current location, while the second one shows you where you want to be and how far are you from there. Something like a video game compass.


You will mount Haize easilly on the handlebar of your bike or bicycle, using a rubber band that’s a part of the initial purchase package. This may be a simple way to mount your newest toy on your bike, but in reality you will want to take your toy with you anytime you leave your bike on the open.

Now, let’s talk about the way you can use Haize. You’ll need to bring your phone with you because the device needs to be paired with it during the whole ride, which is one of the cons of using this tiny compass, but when you think about it, who leaves his phone at come.

Sure, this will be a problem when you go hiking or you just want to pack the most necessary things, but if you want to have a smart compass, you better take your smartphone with you as well.

While riding or walking, doesn’t really matter, you can choose between two different navigation modes. The first one will give you the opportunity to choose your own route, just showing you where to turn and where your final destination is located on the map. You can also choose the full navigation mode, if you’re in hurry that is, because it’s not very precise in terms of finding the fastest way. This mode will show you the “shortest route” and tell you where to make a turn or where to continue using the main road.


If you like the product, don’t forget to find it on KickStarter and fund its development as it’s still in the phase of a prototype.

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