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US based internet video streaming service Netflix has announced today that it will be arriving to France by the end of 2014, from where it plans a major spread through Europe with arrival in six countries including France.
Netflix group will start positioning itself on the markets where French and German are native languages and it will offer its services in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

“Immediately upon arrival and start of the service, the users of broadband networks in these European countries will have an option to subscribe to Netflix and start enjoying a huge selection of TV shows, Hollywood and world movies, and domestic movies also, including Netlfix original series, and all that on their TV’s, tablets, smartphones or video game consoles”. – Netflix press release announced

Netflix has reached its good reputation due to their huge selection of TV program, but they have recently became really popular due to their original content, which is a direct competitor to the traditional TV production houses.  Netflix selection includes already famous and award winning House of Cards show that has received a Golden Globe for the main actress Robin Right.

Arrival of Netflix to France has been expected for a while, but at the same time in the business circles of audiovisual services and movie theaters are afraid that they will start losing viewers.

At the moment there isn’t exact official date when the service will start, and the price of the monthly subscription is still unknown. The only thing that Netflix said about the subscription is that the price will be affordable and competitive.

In the United States current subscription is $7.99 per month, but Netflix who is present in 40 countries around the world has announced last month that the subscription price will rise for a dollar or two varying from country to country by the end of June.

Netflix has invested a lot in recent years in Europe, where in 2012 it has started a service in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and last year they started offering their services in Netherlands.

Check out the trailer below for Season 2 of Netflix award winning original series House of Cards:

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