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According to the words of Magnus Ahlqvist vice president of Motorola, Moto G has become the most selling mobile phone in the history of Motorola Corporation.

Even though it has already been familiar that Moto G has overthrown the expectations of the company, it is also pretty impressive that it has also succeeded in beating any other smartphone that Motorola has produced and all that in only 6 months.

Moto G

 Ahlqvist has explained that the huge factor in sales was the market of India, where the users are usually picky when it comes to smartphones. Motorola has made a great deal in India by achieving a partnership with company Flipcart to sell Moto G only online via their huge online shop. Although it seemed like a weird move at the time, it really paid off in the end.

Moto G is smartphone with 4.5 inch screen which features 720p resolution. It is run by Android 4.3 and 1.2 GHz quad core processor, and it has 8 GB of internal memory and it features a 5 mega pixel camera.

Moto G is priced at $179 for an 8 GB version, and $199 for 16 GB version, without any kind of contract.
This price is almost twice smaller compared to Nexus 5, and significantly less than any other competitive smartphone.

Of course, lower price also means that some compromise has been made.
Moto G doesn’t have any support for 4G/LTE but it comes in 19 colors.

What has Motorola done in order for Moto G to be so cheap?

TechRadar has also talked with Magnus Ahlqvist about the new device, and how the company has succeeded in maintaining good price with a minimal amount of compromises.

“We have tried to keep things simple. We believe in speed and power. When you look at it clearly, you will see clean and clear Android, that was one of the factors of a lower price” – said Ahlqvist

Motorola has only slightly modified Android, and all modification that were made were for optimization of speed, while the interface is completely the same as Google made it. Here you will see a raw thing, nothing like Samsung’s TouchWizz, or HTC’s Sense.

“We have also tried to be disciplined when it comes to options and features. We were really focused on things users really want and appreciate. They wanted bigger screen, but we also paid attention to some other details” – Magnus said

Even though when lower end devices are announced, there is a doubt that the users will be deprived of hardware – but that is not the case with Moto G.

“Of course that we are going to profit from sales of this smartphone, but it is also obvious that we have clear ambition that this smartphone becomes available to the highest possible number of people around the world”.

Motorola has gone through some big changes in the past 18 months, and the company has been downsized, but that actually has helped the development of Moto G.

“Motorola is considerably smaller, but it has gained in speed and agility like never before. We tried to focus on the real user problems, which helped us react faster when it comes to market” – Magnus Ahlqvist concluded.

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