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Microsoft has intentions to start releasing smartphones with serious cameras now when the Nokia acquisition is finished.

Pureview technology that has been introduced for the first time on Mobile World Congress 2012 has been featured inside Nokia 808 which has been using powerful 42 megapixel sensor and Symbian OS, and then later it has been embedded on Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone.

However, it has been almost a year since this phone has been released, which has led to speculations that Microsoft wants to use Pureview brand in order to improve its lower rank phones.

Vice-president of smartphone sector in Microsoft Jo Harlow has said that the company still has focus on the market of devices with special cameras when she was asked whether we could see a similar phone to Nokia 1020.

“Absolutely, our plans about camera technologies haven’t come to an end. We continue to invest in that area in order to announce the next big thing when it comes to top notch photography” – Harlow said.

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