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Cortana! You seem to have heard this name. Off course yes, she was the popular female assistant in the game Halo in classic Xbox FPS. This time Cortana is an important speech control software like you have already seen in Siri, Which is Apple’s Feature in iPhone and now has also been updated in Google. The functionality of this new update have left the other mobile phones far behind due to a stable integration with different social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.


Revived Action center

A new action center has been developed for 8.1 on the lines of notification screen which arrives by sweeping down the main screen in an Android and Apple smart phone. The settings in the action center can be personalized with different applications according to your preference.

Home screen

You surely have the licence to change the images on the home screen of this splendid device but you can put the new background just in the tiles and not in the area in between, which causes something amazingly beautiful to watch.

New Lock screen themes

The revelation of Windows 8.1 showcased the arrival of new themes for almost each and every section of OS. You can also bring new interfacial modifications into the apps and different features from the third parties with stupendous customized animations.

Shape typing

The virtual keyboard used in Microsoft Windows 8.1 will be seen with swype style shape typing. You have the leverage to swipe your moves from every key you type. Microsoft projected the newly improved keyboard as the quickest shape typing keyboard ever developed in the world.

Improved Skype collaboration

You are going to find Skype calling feature in a very interesting integration with Windows 8.1 as Skype is linked with the Phone software and you have the option to hand off an ongoing phone call to Skype as a video conference.

Apps including Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Podcasts

You have new volume controls with different notification tones in this trio package. The demand of separating these three features is yet to be considered.

Advanced Explorer

This was one of the most expected update from Microsoft. The phone is going to run on Internet Explorer 11 with much improved performance and stability with different programmes. It is going to add on cross device tab syncing in your workstation and an impeccable revived Reading mode.

Universal apps development

Microsoft has been working with an immense technical dedication to develop apps which can be run over Windows mobile phone as well as on Windows for your workstation by Universal Apps Capability. Windows 8.1 might start this meticulous progression where you can download your music, games and apps on phone and run over your workstation.


The other important developed areas include improved Wi-Fi sense to pick up the public Wi-Fi networks automatically with the use of crowd-sourced database. Proactive sync with many different settings and support to Miracast for allowing wireless display projection are the several significant developments in Windows 8.1.

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