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As acquisition process of Nokia has been completed, Microsoft now manufactures and sells millions of smartphones each month. However, the thing which is really interesting is that Microsoft manufactures 94.5% of all Windows Phone devices.
This information has been published by addduplex, a marketing agency that services Windows Phone platform.

As adduplex notices, the resources which Microsoft now owns, are slowly taking over the market, and the last month the market share has risen 0.7%.

This data makes Microsoft de facto original manufacturer of equipment for Windows Phone, but they are still cooperating with other manufacturers to try and expand hardware base for its mobile platform.

This effort is just the beginning, but in the next 12 months we should expect few new devices that are going to be powered by Windows Phone.

Even though Microsoft wants to sell  high number of it smartphones and make most part of the profit, they also want other manufacturers to buy Windows Phone licenses and make their own Windows Phone powered smartphones.

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