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Microsoft is planning to take its market share of the wearable technology as soon as possible, probably by the upcoming summer with the smart watch which will be able to function on multiple platforms, if we are to believe the newest reports.
Satya Nadella
Forbes has received an information from its sources that the Microsoft’s smart watch could be paired with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and the watch is currently in advanced phase of development.

According to the mentioned report, tech giant has hired Kinect engineering team to lead the development of the device which will have a constant heart beat tracker as one of the many possible functions.

Insider adds that the display will be the same size as the half of the pack of gums and the battery will be able to hold for two days.

Forbes claims that the device is going to be unveiled sometime during the summer of 2014 considering that the Microsoft wants to beat Apple and present the product before still unconfirmed iWatch.

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