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If you wanted to purchase a new laptop for less then $200 then Google Chromebook was only valid option – until now.

Microsoft has announced yesterday a new line of Windows laptops named Stream. The first version of stream laptops will be presented by an HP laptop priced at $199, while during the holiday season we can expect Stream devices from Toshiba and Acer that will directly enter into competition for buyers with Chromebook.

Satya Nadella and the rest of the Microsoft team are betting on Windows 8 and its full support for applications and high number of add-ons, extensions and functions available at startup.

On the other side, on the tablet market, Microsoft is also getting restless. The company has announced that for manufacturers of the devices smaller then 9 inches, Windows 9 will be free. COO of the company Kevin Turner has also announced Windows tablets starting at $99. It looks like the Microsoft has starting to push on all fronts, now the question remains, whether this type of strategy will pay off? 1 (1)

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