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Nokia has officially announced their latest smartphone Nokia X2, a successor to their first Android smartphone Nokia X.

Just like its older brother, Nokia X2 is intended for the lower part of the market as a budget device, so the differences between the new and the old version aren’t that big.

When it comes to hardware, the screen has grown to 4.3 inches and the RAM has been sized up to 1 GB, and the processor is a bit faster and it is running on 1.2 GHz.

Nokia X2 will have 4 GB of internal storage, which can be upgraded with additional 32 GB by adding a card into microSD slot. Even though this isn’t anything revolutionary, this will help improve the complete experience of use of the device.

Nokia has also added the home button in order to improve the navigation between apps.

Just like other Android devices, Nokia X2 features apps list function called Fastlane.

Nokia X2 still functions as modified interface, which looks a lot like Windows Phone.

Next to its few default Microsoft apps, the users can use Android applications as well.

The price of this model is $168 and it is already available for purchase in certain countries.

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