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Merrifield Smartphone: Intel Merrifield Powered Smartphone

Intel has revealed its new smartphone based on its new smartphone chip codenamed as”Merrifield” and it promises better performance and battery life over current  atom chip Intel showed off its latest smartphone reference design at Compute x, in Taiwan.
Intel VP of product marketing Tom Kilroy during keynote speech provide the information that new  Merrifield 22nm Atom SoC will have  quad-core CPU and It will offer you 300 percent improvement in graphics and a 50 percent improvement in overall performance compared to predecessor chips codenamed as Medfield and Clover Trail+.
Most Intel devices are using Medfield and Clover Trail+ ,Intel is expecting Merrified to use in High end smartphones and succeed over its predecessor.



Currently ,Most smartphone are using ARM processor ,while  small no of devices uses Intel chips but Tom Kilroy hopes that Merrifield will put tough competition to ARM processor in terms of performance and power.
In the same event Tom Kilroy showed tablets running Android and Windows on upcoming Atom chips code-named Bay Trail.
he confirmed tablets powered by Bay Trail processors with a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 will become available in the first quarter of 2013.These tablets will be available in Quad Core and going to perform two times better than previous generation ,will also support resolutions up to 2560 x 1440.The next generation device powered by Bay Trails and Merrifield May support 4G connectivity  ,for this it will include  Intel XMM 7160 modem into devices.
These  Merrifield and Bay Trail Atom chips are based on the Silvermont architecture it is the first major architecture reforms
since the release of first atom chip in 2008,Chip based on silvermont architecture consume less power than its predecessor.
Intel has said that Integrated Hub sensor will be used for personalized services but it did’nt provide any information about what type of these services might be or what type of sensors Merrifield will include.

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