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Mobile carriers are selling data on their mobile and wireless network, and it is really interesting how a small XML text can sometimes reveal a lot about upcoming smartphones. Today we have a new leak that revealed us some of the information about LG G3, a next flagship smartphone that comes from the Korean manufacturer.

LG G3 mockup

LG G3 mockup

An XML file emerged from an US third party carrier network revealing these details.
Website MyLGPhones.com has presented us with evidence that LG G3 is really happening and some of the specs have been revealed in the process.

Details that we are going to talk about have come from a user agent profile (shortly known as UAProf). UAProf is an XML file format that usually comes with an RDF extension which provides the capabilities of a mobile phone.

An UAPro has come on Sprint’s official website, and it shows us really clearly what would be the specs for LG G3, even though there is some speculation that the device will have a completely different name.

This file has referred to the new LG’s flagship as LG LS990, but anyone with a half brain and a bit of detective work can determine that this is nothing other than LG G3.

The new LG monster baby should be coming with Google’s latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system, and it should be powered by 2.3GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) processor.

The device will feature a 5.5 inch QHD display with screen resolution hitting up a stunning 1440 x 2560. Very interesting fact has come up, that the 5.5 inch monster will be coming with 3GB of RAM, and with 32GB for internal storage, which will have possibilities to be expanded with 64GB by adding an micro-SD card to the slot. To put it briefly, this beast will be able to carry a lot, but we really mean a lot of your high resolution photos and Full HD videos.

It is rumored that the LG G3 will be launched on May 17 2014. which means that we might not be waiting long to wrap our hands around this smartphone monstrosity, that could literally be our mobile storage.

After a rumored US release, it is only natural to expect G3 to hit the markets worldwide.

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