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One month before its official reveal of LG’s G Watch its specifications have been published on Twitter.
LG G Watch will have 1.6 inc screen with resolution of 280 x 280 pixels and it will feature 4 GB of internal storage.

It will be powered by 400 mAh battery which will be able to last up to 36 hours and it will take two hours to fully charge it.

It is expected that the G Watch will have the latest technology of voice recognition which main purpose will be dictating of the text to be written.

LG’s smart watch will be constantly active, it will show relevant information to the users based on their location and the time of the da.

This is the first out of the two manufactured smart watches which will use Google’s Android Wear operating system. The second being Motorla Moto 360.

LG should announce the G Watch on Monday, July 7th, and its price will be around $300.

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