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As the new operating system for wearable gadgets from Google reaches its potential, we are getting ready for a wave of upcoming Andriod Wear based watches, and today thanks to LG we have some more information about one of the first smart watches to feature Android Wear, an LG’s G watch.

LG G Watch

LG G Watch

Website Pocket-Lint had an exclusive to see LG’s upcoming G watch prototype, and it gave us earlier some hints about its look and some previews of the Google’s smart watch software.

The device portrayed wasn’t really operational, but the LG has confirmed that their newest smart watch is coming to stores worldwide some time before July. The price will be £180 in the UK, which is about $301 in the US, and it is expected that the price would stay that way.

The price seems a bit steep, especially if we are aware that many people pay even less for a smartphone, but the reports that are coming in are saying that this smart watch will certainly have premium look and feel, which is something that probably raises the price tag.

The new LG G Watch as it seems on a prototype doesn’t have any buttons at all. That is something that LG hopes would help in building a more slick and premium look.

Same as the Pebble Steel announced couple of days ago, the users of LG G Watch will have possibility to swap the included strap for a different one they seem fit. Also LG has plans to improve their square based design and include some rounder elements, probably on the edges.

By comparing the hands on photos that area available it seems that LG G Watch is only a bit larger than the newly released Samsung Gear 2, which has swapped from Android platform to variant software that Samsung developed, called Tizen OS.

Although LG has confirmed that the date of release would be some time before July, we have to remain really skeptical, as we have seen only a prototype, which means that LG would have only 90 days to try and complete everything they imagined in order for this product to feel like a premium device.

LG G Watch now seems like a fine product, but it obviously requires a bit of polishing and we are really not sure that the 90 days will be enough for LG to really reach that premium look and feel that should justify the $300 price mark.

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