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Lenovo is getting ready for an event where they will launch Vibe X2. The invitations have already been sent, and the date is September 4th. However, there is a funny, but interesting moment when it comes to these invitations. Check the image below:

The funny part is regarding apple and their launch scheduled for September 9th, while the interesting part has something to do with Android L.
On Apple’s invitation there is a slogan “Wish we could say more”, and Lenovo has responded to this with a pretty funny slogan on their own invitation that says “We can’t say anything either”.

But the interesting part is the lollipop shown on the Lenovo invitation. The lollipop could be a hint that the next version of Android will be called Lollipop. Google still hasn’t officially gave name to the latest Android OS, but hints from Lenovo could be a final name.

According to Wi-Fi verification that leaked, Vibe X2 should be coming with Android 4.4.2 so the invitation could be a hint that the OS upgrade for the device will arrive at the launch or shortly after.

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