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Sony has just recently presented its flagship Z2, but the new rumors regarding its successor Xperia Z3 have already emerged on the web that claim that it could be announced in just few months from now.
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According to the latest rumors Xperia Z3 could be presented in September which is accordant to the announcement made by Sony’s management in which they have informed the public of their possible plans to release premium devices more often.

Representatives of Sony have also announced a new direction in design, which means that Z3 could be the first device that will follow the new design philosophy, and it is rumored that the device will have really thin edges and that it will be only 7mm thin.

However, there are some potentially bad news, so if the rumors are true Sony could be using the older Snapdragon 801 instead of switching to Snapdragon 805. This also means that the company will not transfer to quad HD displays.

Fans of the bigger screen phones will maybe be disappointed by the information that the Sony will stop producing the Z Ultra version and that it will shift its focus to 7 and 8 inch tablets.

On the other side, there is indication that the company will continue the trend of presentation of the smaller versions of the premium devices, and in this case that compact model should be having a 4.6 inch 720p display and even thinner edges then Xperia Z3.

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