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Latest Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5

Most fans of technology are waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 with a bated breath. This is because Samsung is one of the most reputable technology giants of the world. In the past, Samsung has wowed consumers with its innovation of its previous Smartphone models. However, Samsung Galaxy S4 did not meet the expectations of most consumers. To most people, S4 was just an improvement of S3. This prompted Samsung to embark on revamping its innovation. Currently, it is expected that the S5 will rebuild confidence that technology fans and consumers had in the products from Samsung. Perhaps, the most innovative feature of S5 is its build quality.

Build quality of Samsung Galaxy S5

Compared to the All-metal case of iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 was not attractive. Perhaps, 2014 is the year of Samsung to go all-metal with its case. Latest rumors say that Samsung Galaxy F might be the replacement of Galaxy S. However, ETNews report that Samsung made a decision to launch new phones with a metal case. ETNews report that Galaxy F might be launched after the release of S5.

As for Samsung Galaxy S5, it is not clear whether it will have a metal case. However, just like S4, this device will be a high-end Smartphone. If the device comes with a metal case, then Samsung is not getting out of the competition any time soon. However, consumers have to wait and find out whether the two devices will be released.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S5

It is quite clear that Samsung Galaxy S5 will most likely cost just like Samsung Galaxy S4. This implies that it is likely to cost approximately £600 without a SIM. However, if the device has some extra advancements in technology, its price will most likely go up. Since Apple has stringently maintained its pricing structure, Samsung might not increase its price either.

Basically, S5 is one of the biggest things that technology fans have heard about this year. Hopes are high in terms of new and more advanced features such as camera, processor and other utilities. Unlike S4 that most consumers viewed as a mere improvement of S3, Galaxy S5 is likely to bring new components.

Currently, the device is a mystery with most people playing the game of guessing. However, latest rumors say that Samsung might release Samsung Galaxy S5 around at the time when it will be celebrating a year after releasing Galaxy S4.

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