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In the tough run to bring out something exciting every day, all smart phone companies have tighten up their seat belts. Smart phone users love connectivity at the supersonic speed and to make the dream come true with the world’s most affordable price tag EE has introduced the cheapest ever 4G smart phone ‘ Kestrel’ which is available in 100 pounds.

Professionals have worked brilliantly to make the gadget available in 4.5 inches HD (960×540) screen. The processor used to support this dream device is 1.2 Hz qual-core and it has been integrated with 1 GB RAM. You discover the real technical intelligence in developing behind this 4G connectivity smart phone as it runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and have a proficient 2000 mAh battery. The gadget can be extended to 8 GB of storage. The price has not affected the look and other essential features in this smart phone.


Criticism arises with the camera quality which has degraded from 8 MP to 5 MP and that perhaps is the one area where its price has hit it badly. Though many competent companies like Moto G has come up with different amazing smart phones under the same price budget but they do not offer 4G connectivity and that is where Kestrel steels the lime light. In addition to this tremendous privilege Kestrel offers a micro SD slot which again is a difficult thing to provide in such a modest budget.

The design looks contemporary and simple with long rectangular shape. Experts indicate that 4G will surely bring faster connectivity but it will put a big pressure of the user’s monthly internet budget as the network consumes the data 7 times faster than 3G.

You can buy this tremendously developed 4G superfast smart phone at a contract of $14 per month for the two years of duration. The contract provides additional benefits like 500 free minutes, unlimited sms and the data of 500 MB. There is an another smart plan for the aspiring buyer to go for $22 per month and you will achieve 1000 free minutes, unlimited text and calling from any of the EU country. The plan goes even more interesting as you additionally get 2 GB of free internet surfing data.

A lot of speculations are there in the market about the release date of this China made handset. Initially it was expected to arrive in March but sources tell that gadget might be out with its first look in April.

Though the price and the overall features are highly attractive but EE network is surely going to tackle a heavy pressure and there ought to be effective measures to keep a hassle free 4G connectivity. Off late there have been issues regarding the customer care and maintenance with several companies which are trying hard to capture the smart phone market share with the gimmicked price and nominal features. We believe EE will prove itself outstanding to provide quality customer care and score big with this famous launch of Kestrel.

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