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According to the sources of the news agency Reuters, which is calling on reliable sources, the Taiwanese company Quanta Computer Inc. will start the mass production of the first Apple’s smart watch called iWatch in July this year, and the watch will officially be presented on the special event in October.

iWatch unofficial concept

iWatch unofficial concept

Apple’s smart watch will have 2.5 inch display and it will be shaped like a rectangle.  According to the source that Reuters is citing, the watch will have touchscreen and the ability for wireless charging.

Apple expects that they will deliver 50 million watches in the first year of sales, or 15 million watches by the end of 2014.

Test versions and prototypes are currently produced in Quanta Computers, which will be the main partner and the screens will be exclusively created by LG.

iWatch sales will probably start in October and the mass production is scheduled for July.

According to the many different sources, the watch will probably have a sensor for pulse tracking, and the Singapore company Heptagon is one of the manufacturers of this sensor.

Earlier speculation have suggested that the sensors would follow many other health parameters.

It is expected that the interface will be made according to the current interfaces of the iPhone and iOS 8, and that all notifications and information could be possible to track via iWatch.

iWatch unofficial interface mockup

iWatch unofficial interface mockup

The screen of 2.5 inches is somewhat bigger then the earlier claims of 1.3 and 1.6 inches, and that move has been made probably to fit the screen with different sizes of the watch bracelet.

iPod Nano currently has 2.5 inch screen, but it is expected that the iWatch will be less round then the Nano.

Reuters has also issued an extra info, in which it is claimed that even though iWatch will be able to run some function by itself, for some others like messages and voice chat it will have to be to connected to a smartphone, but exclusively to iOS devices.

The information from Reuters has mostly been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal which has its own claims in which they think that the device will ship with different screen sizes and that it will have more then 10 sensors for tracking health and fitness parameters.

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