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Apple was supposed to start mass production of its smart watch during September.

According to the story published by the reliable Apple Insider, the begging of the production has been moved to late November. Instead of 10 million units manufactured by the end of the year, Apple plans to produce only 3 million – analysts claim.
The reason for the delay are problems with almost everything – including hardware and software. Apple has decided to use for this product the technologies and materials that they have never used before, at least not in a way a smart watch requires.

The production of sapphire glass which will be covering AMOLED screen is complex by itself, and there is also a process of making the components smaller as well as smaller watch dimensions and wireless battery charging. When it comes to software, adjustments of the iOS for a tiny 2.5 inch screen isn’t going according to plan.

All this will result in very limited amount of available units on the market, at least until the production process becomes more perfect. The device should still be officially announced by the end of this year.

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