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Sony has lately spent more energy in its premium devices and it launches them more often then the competition. Sony has implemented a new strategy which includes launch of new premium devices every six months, and it is extremely possible that we have just received the first glimpse of the Xperia Z2 successor.

The leaked photo is showing us the front site of the white phone which is claimed to be Sony Xperia Z3, and next to it is the device which could be Z3 Compact.

The phone on the photo is marked with Sony’s OmniBalance design, and it could easy turn out that the phone on the photo is Sony Xperia T3, especially due to press release issued by Sony in which they are claiming that the new flagship will have a different design then its predecessor.

The rumors about these devices are claiming that the both of them will feature Snapdragon 801 processor, even though that earlier claims were that Z3 will have 2.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3 GB of RAM and Ardeno 420 GPU.

Additional specification lurking online are 1080p display and PVD coating which should make Z3 more resistant to scratches and physical damages.

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