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Launching HTC One M8 prior to its toughest competitors, Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 and Xperia Z2, seems to be a great marketing move by HTC. This makes M8 the first premium launched smartphone of the year. There is no doubt the kind of stunning looking phones HTC makes deserves to have a much better sales results but the fact remains that although HTC One, was their best selling smartphone ever, it is still no where near to the sales stats of the Galaxy S series or even Apple’s iPhone. Now that HTC has been able to launch their ambitious smartphone at least a few weeks earlier than their chief rivals, they have at least given them a great opportunity to get ahead in the race. Let’ see if M8 delivers against is sky high expectations.

HTC One M8

HTC One M8

As far as looks are concerned there is no dobut that HTC One M8 is one of the best looking smartphone ever. The Taiwanese company works hard on their design which is evident from the end results. This time around, they have replaced every inch of plastic by a single piece blended metal, which not only gives su<per premium looks to the samrtphone, but also enhances the performance of the network related features like Bluetooth, NFC and GPS. The screen size has also gone up to 5” from the previous model, which had a 4.7” screen. The high definition display is crystal clear as usual.

 The 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon processor ensures that HTC One M8 performces lighting fast. The audio is awesom as well and the BoomSound speakers comes with an amplifier, which improves the audio quality by 25 %, wihtout making the sound disstracted in any way. The battery life is good as well and the smartphone can run the whole day with its optimum usage and the power saving mode wil only improve it further.. The 8 UP caera works like a charm and the camera software can edit the photos both easily and dramatically! Blinkfeed, the news app is a useful add to the smartphone, which can be used to collects all kinds of news and updates from your social network p<rofiels as well as acroos the globe. It comes with 16 GB and 32 GB storage which can go up to 128 GB with help of a micro SD card.

 On the flip side, the metallic body has made HTC One M8 slightly harder than other smarthphones The larger screen size and the function button spread all around the smartphone sometimes annoy you and some functions are hard to read for a user with small hands. It also doe not have the fingerprint sensor, which seems to be the future thing and will be a must for securely signups on sites like paypal. It also lacks health apps like heart rate calculater, which too are expected to be become a trend of future.

 Priced at aroud $ 450 , the smartphone has a stiff competiton with eqauly good Nexux 5, which is priced much lesser than M8. The problem with HTC is that as they can only offer a cheaper price if they can match its sales volume with Samsung or iPhone. HTC smartphones efinatly deserves it for sure! Let’s see if they get lcuky this time around with HTC One M8.

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