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The concept of new age mobile phones arrived in 1997 when Ericsson launched GS 88 Penelope and it became the world’s first mobile phone to be known as a smart phone. In 2007 you witnessed the grand launch of the first generation iPhone series and now perhaps the stage is set when Apple is most likely to reveal iPhone 6 with its wearable later this year.


Today smart phones have become a highly reliable integral device for millions of users. Despite different major tech arrivals from various smart phone companies, the curiosity about the next big thing never ends. There has been a tremendous buzz and rounds of speculations about the Apple’s prime wearable in the form of an iWatch. Let’s highlight the major significant developments which indicate that 2014 might be the year for Apple’s first wearable in market.

Press releases and official statements

In 2008, Apple co-founder Steve Woznaik expressed his views about the never imagined highly interesting techniques which could be launched in future. He quoted with an affirmation that the Apple’s future could lie in an iWatch. Ever since then many unauthorized sources kept bringing the inside stories from the Apple’s officials. The prominent rivals Samsung and Sony came up with their wearable and the idea was hugely accepted from the buyers all around the world. Apple seems as it wanted to play safe after watching the acceptability of the wearable in the markets. In 2013, the term iWatch was again heard from the officials of Apple in the reply of the next big thing.

Apple trademarked iWatch name

Recently Apple registered the trademark iWatch for its upcoming new smart gadgets. On top of this, there has been a tremendous aggressive recruitment process going in Apple for getting the first iOS powered wristwatch revealed in market by the end of this year. If sources are to be believed from China, the pilot production of Apple’s iWatch is being carried out by the Inventec. Different New stories also support that the iWatch design has been modified after the arrival of Samsung gear and Sony wearable.

Apple might follow Samsung to arrive with iPhone and iWatch together

Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned in the last year ending memo that 2014 is going to be the year with “big plans”. He extended his statement by adding that “We think customers are going to love the new products”. The memo got leaked and was published unofficially on many different internet sites.

The idea of wearable received a great attention during the dual launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its gear. The gadget markets and reviews sections are loaded with many rumors about the big size and different additional features in the upcoming iPhone 6. They also support the speculation of combo launch by Apple in the form of iPhone 6 and iWatch later this year.

Although there hasn’t been a confirmed note from any Apple’s official but, the series of statements and several developments surely indicate that 2014 might witness a new gadget revolution from the tech giant, Apple.

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