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The scintillating launch of iPro Lens System by Schneider optics at Mobile World Congress 2014 organized in Barcelona, Spain has created a tremendous revolutionary buzz in the world of mobile technologies. The iPro Lens System has been proactively developed with a set of interchangeable lenses providing compatibility to a wide range of smart phones which include the iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S and even Samsung Galaxy S4.

The magnificently designed interchangeable lenses are Fish eye, Telephoto, Macro, Wide Angle and even a Super Wide Angle to cover a high landscape area. This unconventional technology also supports almost every present iPad model.

Mechanized with a procedure to adjust a new lens over the existing one in a smart phone, the iPro Lens System holds as an amazing technical uniqueness and acceptability in the global market. This series of interchangeable lenses has been designed by world’s best lens technicians and filter developers from Schneider optics to bring high quality professional experience while photographing on the different smart phones and iPads.


By adjusting the wide angle lens around 35 percent of view expansion, can be achieved. On the contrary, results increase superbly when a super wide angle lens is brought into the action for 50% of vision expansion. Fish Eye angle lens is another intelligent incorporation for the angular expansion of 165 degrees.

The smart phone which happened to be famous for its great high resolution image quality with higher Mega Pixel count has now turned into a professional camera phone. Nevertheless there is a big anticipation when we can find high definition photography in our smart gadgets. The macro lens has the best answer for this creeping desire. The lens covers images with 2.5x magnification and it scores high by providing the crystal clear image quality, giving life to the minutest details.

The iPro Lens System has been programmed with an immensely high dedication to making it user friendly, easy to adjust and remove. The two piece cases make the installation a child’s play over the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S, 4/4S. Once fitted, the smart phones are ready to use for an extraordinary photographic experience.

For the gadgets like iPad mini, iPad2, iPad Air and iPad mini with retina, a new clip has been developed for smooth adjustment. All the interchangeable lenses are required to mount and remove from the smart gadgets according to the different needs while clicking the picture. The installation does not harm the in- built in insight camera in these gadgets.

The different lenses and gears in the iPro Lens System can be purchased in a complete kit or one has a choice to be specific according to his need. The advent of this prolific technical innovation in the form of iPro Lens System has given a high scope of development of various smart gadgets performance enhancing devices. A lot is still to be explored, all we need, is to keep our eyes open and fingers crossed.

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