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Even though a lot of time had to pass, maybe we will finally have an opportunity to see a smartphone from Apple which comes with 128 GB of internal storage space.
iPhone 6
Built-in internal storage space has been growing steadily in the past years, and the speed of growth has been slowed down by the arrival of 64 GB internal storage. However, we could be able to see an improvement really soon, if we are to believe the rumors which are claiming that the iPhone 6 will have a version which comes with 128 GB of internal storage.

Website Feng.com has gathered this information after an interview with sources from Apple suppliers.

This of course makes sense, considering that the bigger iPhone model will have more physical space where that additional memory can be put in. Apple probably wants for its bigger model to own something that will make it more special, next to its bigger screen.

Earlier rumors have also claimed that bigger models will have and optical stabilization of the images taken by camera.

How much of all this is true? Well, we will have to wait until September, when Apple will probably announce the new iPhone 6.

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