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Apple’s newest iPhone 6 could be announced earlier according to the newest rumors hovering around the web.

Apple will be announcing iPhone 6 during the Apple event in august, and the device will be launched and available for pre-order the same month. – according to Economic Daily News, who claim that they have sources who are aware of company’s plans.

iPhone 6 comparison in size

iPhone 6 comparison in size (rumored)

Also at the same event the apple is supposed to announce a new model, a bigger iPhone with huge screen of 5.5 or 5.6 inch display, which will be available for purchase from September 2014.

For months the talks have been going on about the possibility that Apple is going to launch two new iPhone models this year, and it has been rumored that they will both be announced in September, but if the rumors we are writing about now are true, it seems that Apple has speeded up its plans.

Whether this information is correct, all the rumors regarding the new iPhone models have one thing in common, a bigger display.

Almost every rumor that has come up into the public, has been claiming that the company from Cupertino is going to launch a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the new phablet like smartphone with 5.5 or even 5.6 inches.

Now everybody knows that the Apple is trying to hit hard on its competitors. After Steve Jobs’s death in 2011. company has made a lot of unusual business moves under Tim Cook, but those unusual moves have proven to be more then good, so now we wait for a wider spectrum of products from Apple.

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