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Apple iPhone 6 is going to be the next iPhone and surely it’s all set to come with a revamped design and new features. The recently released iPhone 5C & 5S and the not so recent iPhone share almost the same design expect for the hardware. The iPhone 5S comes with a 64 Bit processor and fingerprint scanning technology, which got some negative reviews over the past weekends. But the next iPhone, iPhone 6 wouldn’t be anything like this, Apple promises.  The iPhone 6 will come with a refreshed design, an all aluminium body, diamond cut edges and crystal lens cover for the camera.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

But what about other specs and hardware? Almost every company is trying to catch up with the 1080P display race and some has achieved that too, also Samsung announced recently that their next generation Galaxy devices will pack a 550PPI display, this comes as a challenge to Apple who are not even in the 720P display race. This is to change with the advent of iPhone 6, it will pack a 1920×1080 pixels screen, a retina display packing quite a punch in terms of color reproduction and visibility in sunlight, all this in a 4.5inch package as Apple likes to stick with smaller smartphones. This little package will come with a 64Bit processor much like the iPhone 5S but the fingerprint scanner on the home button will be removed leaving it rounded like the 5S. Battery will be boosted upto 2500mAH for a whole of heavy usage, about the camera. Well it’s quite good on that side since Apple’s being incorporating the same micro pixel technology like HTC and Nokia, the One and Lumia 1020 that is, we can see a change from an 8 Megapixel snapper to a 13Megapixel camera with 4K capabilities and now you have higher ISO ranges, wider dynamic range etc. The software, IOS 7 needs some revamping though, it can’t be compared to Android in terms of ease or flexibility.

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